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Wireless Spy GSM SIM Phone Device Surveillance Ear Bug

Wireless Spy GSM SIM Phone Device Surveillance Ear Bug

Product Features:
The GSM BUG is the latest in Spy technology, it’s the size of a matchbox and you just have to put a pay as you go SIM card and you’re ready to call and listen. This device is very handy for all types of personal security, i.e. for your car, your office, and maybe to monitor your children when the babysitter comes.

Comes with a retractable USB cable, which can be used for charging from the PC or the mains. Once you call this number, this device will answer automatically, and it will work like a phone with a sensitive microphone. So you can actually hear what anyone's talking about when you call that SIM card's phone number. But no one will notice, because this device looks like a USB hub or small USB device.

The device contains 4 tiny microphones allowing you to listen to activity up to 5 metres away from device. Furnished with specially designed embedded microphone system, no configuration required. Simply insert a working SIM card into the charged device, and leave where you'd like to spy, monitor etc. With GSM technology you can access the device from anywhere in the world over mobile or landline, by calling the SIM card phone number. Standby time of up to 200 hrs, or can be left connected to the charger, or a computer with the USB cable provided for permanent power.
Frequency: 90018001900
4 Embed  condense microphone
Microphone range: up to 5 m
up to 200 hrs continuous standby
4-5 hours constant transmitting 
Supplied with USB cord and UK mains adapter  
Small compact size 53mm x 38mm x 15mm
24 hour non-stop power supply
Working temp: -40~50'C 
Responding frequency: 1.2K~800Khz
Pack includes:
1 x Brand New Spy GSM BUG
1 x USB Retrctable Cable
1 x Mains Adapter

Shipping Thailand 60bht

Contact Person: Kan
Location: Pattaya, East Pattaya
Phone Number: 038406492....0897539751
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