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Brandnew Segway x2 Golf

Brandnew Segway x2 Golf

Play side by side with your foursome instead of splitting up into two carts with the

Segway x2 Golf, your solution to effortless maneuverability on the course. The x2 Golf is

equipped with deeply treated, turf-friendly tires that let you travel on the grass and off

the cart path for a faster game. As a result, you can zip from the tee to the sand dunes

to the green in no time. It even includes a higher ground clearance than the original

Segway, helping it handle steep hills, uneven trails, and errant rocks. If you are a

golfer, you will love it. If you are not a golfer, you will want to go along for the ride.

Product Features

Segway x2 Golf
Golf-specific Segway personal transportation vehicle with turf-friendly tires
Allows you to travel on the grass and off the cart path for faster play
Golf bag carrier attachment allows for easy dismount and club access
Integrated scorecard holder with slots for scorecard, golf balls, and tees
Range of up to 14 miles or 36 holes; 21-by-33-inch footprint; weighs 120 pounds

Contact Person: David Morrs
Location: Pattaya
Phone Number: 5108565124
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