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Noi's "Fresh Daily" Thai Herbal Juices

Noi's "Fresh Daily" Thai Herbal Juices

Noi's All Natural Herbal Juices

Noi's All Natural Herbal Juices
Bai-Ya-Nang Juice
Bai-Ya-Nang Juice
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Bai-Yanang Tea
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Khow Tong Juice
Bai-Ya-Nang Leaf
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Thailand is well known for the common and acceptable use of traditional herbal medicines for general health and in the treatment of disease. Two of the more popular Thai herbs are Bai-Ya-Nang (also Yanang) and Khow Tong (also Khowtong).The leaves of the Bai-Ya-Nang plant are used in various cooking recipes throughout S.E. Asia . In Thailand Bai-Yanang is well known as a healthy herbal drink. This beverage is created by vigorously rubbing the leaves in filtered water to remove the chlorophyll and nutrients. Khow Tong leaves are processed in the same fashion. Noi makes both drinks "fresh daily" (closed Sunday) at her small variety store in Chiang Mai that she sells for 15-20 Baht per bottle.

Noi (Nuglak Budjinda) has spent +3 years in intensive study of various local herbs, especially researching and experimenting with the Bai-Ya-Nang leaf. The results of this effort is a flavorful fresh-tasting beverage that has improved the health and well being of her family & friends, and for almost 2 years her growing list of very loyal customers. Visit her website for more information Eng Thai

Khow Tong is a more recent addition (~1 year) that has been very well received. Noi's Khow Tong beverage is especially popular with cancer patients.

Location: Chiang Mai
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