Diagnostic Tester-2 for Toyota and Suzuki works for all type of Toyota(made after 2000) and Lexus included read code, clear code, data flow, action testing and guard against theft initialization function.
Toyota IT2 also supports OBD-II.
Multi-language and update via Email.
Toyota Intelligent Tester2 IT2 With suzuki Manual.pdf

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Newest Version 2012.07 !

IT2 toyota and lexus : 2011.01
IT2 toyota and lexus : 2012.07
IT2 suzuki : 2012.07

Toyota Intelligent Tester2 IT2 With Suzuki

Newest version: v2012.07, but only English available now,
it come with three Cards with the package ,2012 Suzuki,2012 toyota and 2011 toyota card

Toyota Language:

English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Chinese

Suzuki Language:

English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Swedish, Slovak, Portuguese, Polish, Norwegian, Hungarian, Greek, Indonesisch, Russian, Turkish

Diagnostic Tester-2 for Toyota and Suzuki

All type of Toyota(made after 2000) and Lexus included read code, clear code, data flow, action testing and guard against theft initialization function. And it also supports OBD-II.
Suzuki SDT is the SUZUK company professional diagnostic tool for the Suzuki car(North America car). It has diagnostic function, oscillograph function, and multimeter function. It is a very useful machine to help you repair the SUZUKI car.


1.Main function:
Read wrong code;
Clean wrong code
Read date stream;
Draw date stream curved shape
Setting system;
Control unit programming
Self test function
Record and review function

2.Test system

Automatic transmission
Controlled traction differential
Stability control
Airbag security;
Central doorlock;
Meter cruise suspension air-conditioning
Electronical control turning system

3.Vehicle oscillograph

SMT and execute component
Dual mono oscillograhp
setting time base & electrical level automatically
storage & playback

4.Digital multimeter

electrical system test;
voltage frequency duty cycle


1.Touchscreen & back lighting control
2.oscillograph function
3.Easy & quick
5. Palm computer
6. Compact form

Suzuki SDT examples for testing the vehicle

This product can only do north america area suzuki, please notice. If you want professional suzuki diagnostic tool, please choose GM TECH2.

-1.Equipment on-line
-1.1 turn on the equipment power ;
-1.2 to be connected with OBD diagnostic cable.
-2.Star the equipment
-Turn on the power, entering into the interface then click the "automation" button

After service:
1. Guarantee: one year, from the date equipment arrival
2. Upgrade free for one year
3. Upgrade method: Email

Attention: There are only two program card: Toyota and Suzuki. No memory card inside. Please do not insert two program cards at the same time, do not insert the memory card at the same time. Otherwise the item runs very slowly and can not work well.

Product list:
1. Mainframe -- 1pc
2. OBD-II -- 1pc
3. Charging line -- 1pc
4. Lin line -- 1pc
5. Measuring leads for multimeter 1 -- 1pc
6. Measuring leads for multimeter 2 -- 1pc
7. Card -- 2pc


Q: I bought from a Toyota tester IT2; it fails to work with my car s from 2000-2006 year, but works with the car models before 2000 year and that of after 2006 year

A: It depends on what car model, Toyota tester IT2 only works with Suzuki from North America market, not works with Suzuki from the other left market. Toyota IT2 works with most model of Toyota made after 2000 and Lexus.

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