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Freeze Dried Food Supplies from America

Seeking interest in purchasing Feeze Dried Foods Supply from America.

I have wanted to purchase a significant supply of freeze dried foods from the U.S., but costs to get it to Thailand seem somewhat prohibitive.

I have been looking into possibly significantly reducing landed costs by purchasing a larger lot and having it floated over here, as opposed to conventional delivery for individual orders.

My inquiry is as to whether others would be interested in purchasing a supply of freeze dried foods. My initial thinking is that if a collective of like minded purchasers could be assembled, or if there was simply enough interest, it may be worthwhile putting together a larger order and get it shipped here.

Some of my personal reasons for wanting some freeze dried food:

- Western Style comfort food that one can quickly, and lazily, prepare from time to time. (eg. Stroganoff, Chicken a la King, etc). Ready made gourmet meals....just add hot water.

- A hedge against possible general unrest. It might be nice to know that if something unexpected happens, and things get rough out there for a little while, that as long as you have a water supply and filtration, you don't need to venture out until you feel comfortable.

- Inflation hedge/investment. If gold, silver, etc, go will the price of food (in fiat currency). Freeze Dried food supplies are generally FDA approved for a minimum shelf life of 25 years or so. While I personally like having a little bit of things like gold and silver nearby, it would like to add something that can be eaten to a personal hoard. Depending on how much one wants, reasonable supplies don't require a lot of storage space.

If anyone is interested, please indicate so via e-mail at contact advertiser, preferably with a subject line of “I am interested in Freeze Dried Food”, or similar.


Location: Prachuap Khiri Khan (Province)
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