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Thailand’s construction industry is facing a severe labor shortage.

Thailand’s construction industry is facing a severe labor shortage.

EUR 249.800,-F.O.B Canton (865m2)
EUR 6.880,-F.O.B Canton
LOTUS HOUSE 43 m2 € 3.490 F.O.B Canton

“The National Statistical Office reported a shortage of at least 300,000 labourers, according to the the institute director, adding that the country's construction industry needs up to 2.9 million workers this year due to increasing projects, above averages of other years of 2.3-2.6 million.”
The government’s solution is foreign labor, mainly from Myanmar. Wrong. Myanmar also has the same problem if not worse.
Clever House’s Prefabricated units are the answer, 10 reasons why.
1.Time scale.
A medium sized house of 100 to 150 m2 can be built within 2 days by 6 men.

Our units start from around 7000 Baht per m2 compared to 10 to 15,000 using traditional construction methods.

Our buildings are waterproof, fireproof, hurricane resistant up to 120 km/h and earthquakes up to 7 on the Richter scale

We provide full training for the contractors and can design any building according to our clients specifications. We are able to build and supply single room units from 16 m2 through to multi level hotels, offices, hospitals and the like.

5.Thermal qualities.
Our wall and roof panels have a u value equivalent to a brick wall 1.6 mts in width vastly reducing electricity bills

6. Quality.
Using the best in German construction technology all our buildings comply with strict German guidelines.

7. Convenience.
In theory, given the right conditions we could house 100 families within 3 days from site delivery or around 30 days from the order being placed. We also provide our units fully furnished if required including solar power if the client so desires.

8. Appearance.
We have a wide range of external and internal finishes for our clients to choose from, and provide an interior design service where required.

9. Cleanliness.
On completion of the building you will find no builders or unsightly patches of concrete rubble to remove. Our buildings can be built within a garden complex with no disturbance to surrounding plants and vegetation.

10. Low maintenance and Guarantee.
Due to the sturdy construction methods and materials used maintenance is reduced to virtually zero, hence all our buildings come with a 30 year guarantee.

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