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Thai Driving License Service

Action Associates offer a concierge service that will help you get an official Thai driving license. Anybody wanting to drive any form of motor vehicle on Thailand's roads must ...

TH32944 | 28/01/2015

Premier Boutique Legal Services Provider

Action Associates Co., Ltd. is a premier boutique Legal Services provider located in the centre of Bangkok, the capital and the most populous city of Thailand, and in key cities...

TH32916 | 28/01/2015

Visa Concierge

La Mode Lifestyle are Asia’s leading lifestyle management and personal concierge service provider. We understand that many people miss out on things they want to do in life...

TH31908 | 10/11/2014

Thai company setup and other business services

Interested in doing business in Thailand but on a tight budget? We can assist you in setting up your Thai company from THB 13,500. We can prepare the registration forms, guide y...

TH30706 | 16/08/2014

Visa, Work Permit, Company Registration, Accounting, License, Construction, Others

The company doing; 1. Legal adviser services 2. Visa+Work Permit (Business, Retired and others) 3. Company registration 4. Licenses services 5. Registration services ...

TH30677 | 13/08/2014

90 Days Report Service Bangkok

WHAT WE DO: In Thailand, as a foreigner, you must report every 90 days to your local immigration office, but as you can have someone else do this for you, you can hire our serv...

TH30639 | 11/08/2014

legal EU Immigration services

Professional EU Immigration services (Poland): studies, business, asylum seekers. Attractive rates according to your needs.!practic...

TH30302 | 19/07/2014

Employment offer and British Work Permits Offers

Do you wish to work in our cruise ship hotel? If yes send your CV to contact advertiser. We seek all expertise in the hospitality sector and many more. We only require...

TH29892 | 25/06/2014

Express Visa Service

We offer a full range of professional services that include assessment of immigration options, assistance in preparing immigration applications for Visas, checking of documentat...

TH29165 | 21/04/2014

SKR Property & Tax Consultant

SKR Property is a long year experiences property agent & tax consultant company based in Pattaya, Thailand. We also list the best real estate villas, condominiums and houses in ...

TH29016 | 07/04/2014
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